• Factory Cellulose Moulee Cellulopack

    Cup Carriers

    Factory Cellulose Moulee Cellulopack

Our raw material is recycled paper (old newspaper) and cardboard. It strictly comes from pre-consumers industrial waste with guaranteed traceability.

Efficient design

  • Packaging allowing indifferently all cup holders sizes and volumes (coffee, soda, beer, fruit juices, smoothies, etc.) guaranteeing perfect posture. Our products are indeed designed to resist to 45 degree inclination.

  • Product aesthetic and practical design (the format is optimized for space saving during transport and storage).

High quality appearance

  • Our thermoforming process offers an outstanding quality with a smooth surface finish. This minimizes the emission of paper particulates during manipulations at the restaurant.

  • The neat design of the Cellulopack cup-carriers will contribute to the fame and brand image of your Company.

Optimal manufacturing process

Unique moulded cellulose manufacturing process, allowing :

  • Optimized piling (50% warehouse space saving, during transport or stock).

  • Instantaneous de-stacking (no time loss when ordering).

  • Perfect rigidity by using long fibres coming from laminated kraft.

  • Almost no water absorption due to adapted pulp preparation.

  • Surface appearance guaranteeing minimizing paper particle emissions for better hygiene and better aesthetic appearance.

Cup Carriers  - Cellulopack
Cup Carriers  - Cellulopack
Cup Carriers  - Cellulopack

High density thermoformed manufacturing process

  • The first pulp moulded thermoformed cup carrier was designed and made in 2007 by our equipment manufacturer Southern Pulp Machinery for the fast food chain business in South Africa. It has rapidly replaced the conventionally made cup carriers in all the main Fast Food chains present in South Africa because of its quality appearance, its space saving in storage and transport and its ease of use at point of sales. Nowadays the thermoformed cup carrier represents some 90% market share.

  • The Cellulopack thermoformed process is made on the same machinery which offers a very high pressure during the two drying stages, this is achieved between two electrically heated moulds, this pressure compacts the pulp thus very much increasing the material density.

  • The cup carrier is very rigid and resistant to insure a safer maintain for the cups when filled. Filled cups are tightly maintained even in case of shocks, vibrations or inclinations.

A complete range of cup carriers

  • Scored cup holder offering greater flexibility to restaurants (only one reference to be ordered and stocked) which benefit from “dotted” EXCLUSIVE system allowing very easy and clean cup holder separation.

  • Two drink cup holder: the market reference.

  • Four drink cup holder: reinforced for perfect rigidity.

  • The Cellulopack thermoformed cup carriers are designed for 2 cups, 4 cups or as for the splitable Cup carrier for 4 cups that can be easily splited into 2 cups carriers for 2 cups.

  • The Splitable 4 cups offers an additional advantage to the final user who has only one cup carrier reference covering all his needs. Cellulopack Cup carriers are made on the same design to cover any cup size from 10 cl to 50 cl. They are designed to insure a safer maintain for all cups when filled. Filled cups are tightly maintained even in case of shocks, vibrations or inclinations.

Bio degradable and Compostable

The CELLULOPACK Cup carrier is fully bio degradable and compostable according to the EU 13342 standard.

Perfect stacking and de-stacking ability.

The surface quality of the cup carriers insures a perfect stacking, with less than 2 millimetres between cup carriers. De-stacking is performed instantly thus reducing at the selling outlet.

The Cellulopack cup carrier takes 50% less space than conventionally made cup carriers. This is a big advantage to reduce logistical costs but also at the selling outlet where space is expensive.

Carbon Footprint

This is becoming a major concern and our cup carrier, thanks to its high density, uses less material per item. Added to its storage and transport savings it will contribute to minimize your Carbon Footprint.


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