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The equipment used at Cellulopack provides the highest guarantees of industrial performance and energy efficiency

A manufacturing process in 3 steps

The manufacturing process is characterized by three main steps:

  • Preparing the dough.

  • Molding by suction onto shapes where a uniform layer of cellulose fibers is deposited.

  • Drying and pressing – high-pressure pressing of the packaging between two electrically heated and mechanically closed forms. This principle of mechanical sealing ensures consistency in pressure settings. The pressure of several tens of tons prevents any deformation or shrinkage of the fibers during drying. This drying method guarantees dimensional accuracy up to 0.1 mm. A smoother surface finish and a more compact material allow for storage space savings of over 50% when stacking compared to other molded cellulose products (as well as transportation cost savings).

What are the advantages of CELLULOPACK products in High-Density Molded Cellulose (HDMC)?
  • Reduced material weight, reducing the carbon footprint.

  • A excellent surface condition, potentially perfectly smooth.

  • Optimized stacking with volume gains that can represent up to 7 times that of expanded polystyrene products.

  • Significant storage and transportation savings.

  • Very high dimensional accuracy of packaging (+/- 1/10 mm).

  • Automated packaging steps facilitated by automatic product unstacking.

  • A moisture resistance that can go up to complete waterproofing according to our customers' requirements.

Reduced footprint

An optimized manufacturing process to minimize storage costs

The finished product is smooth and extremely durable. The finish is flawless!

CELLULOPACK uses a unique high-density molded cellulose manufacturing process. This state-of-the-art technology enables us to deliver products to our customers with unparalleled surface quality.

So, CELLULOPACK products are convenient to use (time-saving in stacking and unstacking) and enable supply chain savings.

  • Optimized stacking (50% space-saving compared to "conventional" molded cellulose products: in the warehouse, during transport, and in storage).

  • Instant depiling (no time wasted during handling).

  • Perfect rigidity thanks to long cellulose fibers from Kraft.

  • Little or no moisture absorption through appropriate treatment of cellulose pulp.

  • According to the final needs, this quality can be achieved with both virgin materials and materials sourced from recycling old papers.


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